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First Look: CW’s The Flash (With Extended Trailer!)

During last night's epic Arrow season finale, fans were treated to a teaser trailer for it's new fall show, The Flash. We first met Grant Gustin‘s Barry Allen in Episode 208 of Arrow, entitled “The Scientist“. Quirky, nerdy and endearing, Gustin won people over slightly. Then we were treated to snapshots of the iconic red costume, and we were won over a little more.

Now, with the fall season coming in October, we have learned that The Flash will pair as a lead-in to The CW‘s fan powerhouse Supernatural, being placed on Tuesday nights at 8pm with SPN at 9pm. While I think I would have preferred a superhero-filled Wednesday with this and Arrow, I can dig Mr. Allen with my boys the Winchester Bros.

So, with that said, #DontBlink and take a look at the teaser trailer with a special appearance by the Arrow himself, Stephen Amell. I think it's shaping up to be a pretty promising show, and can't wait to add it to my schedule.





Since this morning, we have a longer look at The Flash, and I am looking forward to it even more: