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Slick’s Quick Hits: Bombshell

3D Realms is going to introduce a new IP at e3 next month and they are hoping that it will be the next big thing in top-down style action RPGs. The crew that brought PC gamers last year’s remake of Rise of the Triad is hoping to give the Diablo franchise a run for its money.  Enter the world of Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison. Little is known about her thus far other than the fact that she will be kicking ass and taking names across four different planets as she attempts to prevent the assassination of the U.S. President by alien forces. Bombshell looks like a cross between Tank Girl, The Terminator and Aeon Flux, and I am betting the guys over at Interceptor Entertainment want to drive that into the gameplay as well. The trailer gives off the feeling that the game is in very early development (it currently has a Q1 2015 release window), but then there are screenshots of the game in action that look fantastic. MTR will be following this game as it develops; here is the trailer and some glimpses of the game which runs on the Unreal engine.

I um, am not going to judge a game based on its trailer, especially when the game looks like this: