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Funko Announces New Cuphead Pop! & Plush Collectibles

Funko Cuphead S1

Funko Logo

It wasn't that long ago that we shared the NYCC exclusive two-pack of Cuphead & Mugman and we knew a full room from the hit game was inevitable. Funko announced a new wave of Cuphead plush toys and Pop! figures today and we got a sneak to share with you guys. Let's start things off with the plush toys since those will be hitting shelves this winter.

Cuphead Plush

Fans will have to wait till 2018 for the Pop! figures, unfortunately. King Dice has a chase variant that will be the usual 1 in 6.  Walmart will also have a retailer exclusive version of Cuphead as well. Check them out below. Note that these designs are subject change as usual.

Funko Cuphead S1 2 Funko Cuphead S1 3 Funko Cuphead S1 4 Funko Cuphead S1 5 Funko Cuphead S1 6 Funko Cuphead S1 Funko Cuphead S1 1


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