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Funko Announces New Wave Of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Pop Figures & Movie Moments

Funko StarWarsTLJW2 5

Funko LogoFunko added some new characters and variants to their Star Wars: The Last Jedi Pop! line.
This wave includes new characters and variants including a sad Porg, Poe Dameron’s wingman C’ai Threnalli, a caretaker from Ahch-To and Roses sister Paige join Pop!Rounding out the series comes a Vulptex and a new Luke Skywalker from the final battle scene with Kylo Ren! Check them out below.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will also get a Pop! moments set for both Rey and Kylo Ren as they square off against Supreme Leader Snoke's Praetorian Guards.

Funko StarWarsTLJW2 5

Look for these and the new Pop! figures on store shelves later this year pending licensor approval. Which are you picking up?

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