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Funko Celebrates 30 Years Of Venom With Venomized Pop! Line

Funko Venom 5

Funko Logo

As a long time Funko collector and Venom fan I have a decent amount of different Venom Pop! figures including classic Venom, Anti-Venom, and Venom from Marvel v. Capcom and of course Carnage. Venom turns 30 this year and Funko has announced a new wave of Venom and Carnage Pop! figures along with some Venomized Marvel heroes as well.  Check out the full line below which also includes some retailer-exclusive Pop! figures.

Funko Venom 5 Funko Venom Funko Venom 8 Funko Venom 2 Funko Venom 4

Retailer Exclusives

Funko Venom 6
Gamestop Exclusive
Funko Venom 1
Walmart Exclusive
Funko Venom 3
Target Exclusive
Funko Venom 7
FYE Exclusive
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