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Funko Announces Dragon Ball Super Pop! Line

Dragon Ball Z has seen some of its iconic characters in Pop! form already and while Dragon Ball Super has introduced a slew of new characters thanks to some the show's recent arcs the only figure we saw hit shelves not too long ago was a Hot Topic Exclusive Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black.  This changed today as Funko unveiled a new line of Dragon Ball Super characters including a few retailer exclusives. Dragon Ball Super fans can expect Whis, Trunks, Zamasu, Goku Black, Hit, and Gotenks on store shelves this winter. Which ones are you picking up?

General Release

Dragon Ball Super Zamasu Dragon Ball Super Trunks Dragon Ball Super Goku Black Dragon Ball Super Whis


Retailer Exclusives

As always when it comes to these note that designs are subject to change and Funko will surely release final images closer to release.