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Funko Gets In On The GodFather’s 50th Anniversary With New Pops

The Godfather celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, and folks at Funko want to get in on the celebrating with some new Pop! vinyl figures of Vito, Michael, and Sonny Corleone. Each Funko Pop! figure captures each character in iconic moments from the film. So let's check out the figures below.

The Godfather 50th Anniversary Funko Pop! Figures

We start things off with Don Vito Corleone. The Don has had a Funko Pop! before which was released for the film's 45th anniversary, but this one captures the Don sitting with his cat and making an offer they can't refuse versus the previously released standing version. Pre-order Don Vito here.

The Godfather 50th Anniversary Vito Corleone Pop! Vinyl Figure

The next Pop! figure is of Don Vito's oldest son Sonny Corleone played by James Caan. This version of Sonny comes with the trash can lid he used to beat up Connie's husband, Carlo Rizzi, in a truly hilarious fight that, unfortunately, was a catalyst in his demise later in the film. Sonny was previously released in the initial wave of Godfather Funko Pop! figures which included Michael and Fredo. Pre-order Sonny here.

The Godfather 50th Anniversary Sonny Corleone Pop! Vinyl Figure

We close out the wave with Michael Corleone wearing his outfit from his time in Italy. They even included the black eye he got after getting his jaw broken by Captain McCluskey earlier in the film, which was a nice touch to what otherwise would have been a rather plain-looking figure. Michael has had a few variations of his Pop! figure with him wearing a suit and a version with a hat and even a gold one. Pre-order Michael here.

The Godfather 50th Anniversary Michael Corleone Pop! Vinyl Figure

You can pre-order the figures from our friends at Entertainment Earth and expect them in hand this summer, but these dates are always subject to change, so make sure to check your local Funko retailers.

What do you think of these Godfather 50th anniversary Pop! figures? Will you be picking any up? Let us know in the comments.

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