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Funko Unveils Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie Pops & Keychains

A blue logo featuring the word funko.
A blue logo featuring the word funko.

The new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reboot hits theaters later this year and while Funko has released new Pop! figures from the classic tv series including new White Tiger, Red, and Pink Ranger sculpts with action poses the new film's Power Rangers are also getting their own Pop! figures. The Rita Repulsa Pop! will be a Hot Topic exclusive.  Check them out below and look for them in stores throughout January.

A Mighty Morphin Power Rangers pop vinyl figure of a woman in green with a sword.


Mighty Morphin Black Ranger funko pop vinyl figure.


Pink ranger vinyl figure.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers blue ranger funko pop figure.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Funko Pop vinyl figure.


Power Rangers Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger Funko Pop vinyl figure.

The new Power Rangers will also be available as Pop! keychains as well which you can check out below.