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Sony Gives a Late Present to Gravity Rush 2 Fans

If you had the pleasure of playing the first Gravity Rush on PS Vita or the remastered version on PlayStation 4, you got to enjoy the crazy world of Kat and her friends. In anticipation of the sequel coming next month, Sony brings us a short film in two parts, starring the heroines of Gravity Rush 2. The film is titled, “Overture.”

Kat still suffers the day to day struggle of hunger pangs. When a stampede of Nevi terrorize the town and ruin her meal, they are in for a world of hurt! If that were the only trouble, Kat and Raven might be able to complain about boredom. Someone is kidnapping orphans and they aim to get to the bottom of it. Expect this story to continue in Gravity Rush 2!

Gravity Rush 2 launches exclusively on PlayStation 4 January 20, 2017.