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Furi Will Be Unleashed July 5!

Furi is nearly here! The Game Bakers have brought us a fast-paced, high intensity title that is essentially Shadow of the Colossus . . . on acid. Vibrant and colorful, the bosses you encounter in Furi are as stylish as they are deadly. Psychadelic attacks are yours to dodge and to deal out.

As you hack and slash at your jailers, they will unleash bullet hell attacks to keep you off balance and attempt to kill you. Your speed is for both offense and defense as you are able to move through most attacks if timed correctly.

Your path will be arduous as you are fighting both for freedom and survival. You have no friends in this land save for person in a rabbit costume that may or may not really be there. The whole game looks surreal so determining reality from illusion may very well be part of the game as well. All will be revealed on PC and PS4 come Tuesday July 5, 2016.

Uh, Kup. . . is that a Petrorabbit?