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Game of Thrones Season 2…Winter is Coming!

If you are like Rich and I, you are counting the days to April 1st. Why? Not for the practical jokes….for HBO's award-winning series Game of Thrones to make it's triumphant return for it's second season.

Since there is another month to go before the premiere date, HBO is starting to ramp up it's marketing with new teaser art for Season 2. They have started to unveil a series of ads representing each of the major houses during the “War of Five Kings”. I will not go into any further detail since some of you may have not seen the first season. (What the hell are you waiting for? Hop to it!)

Here’s the first of the series, featuring the symbol of the House of Stark:

Who doesn't love a direwolf? They're so cuddly!

To get you even more excited, take a look at the newest trailer for Season 2 (now with dragons!) and remember…winter is coming…