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MTR On The Street: Video Game Day 2012

Earlier this month MTR had the opportunity to attend Video Game Day 2012. Much like last year Francois Chang formerly of DualShockers and now 62 Traits PR along with several parishioners helped run the event. As always the main motivation of this event is giving back to the community and I have enjoyed participating for the last two years. The Elohim Christian Church gymnasium  became a battleground for fighting aficionados and FPS teams over the course of the day. Here are some of the sights from that day. You can see more on the MTR Facebook fan page or via our G+ account.





The beauty of this event is not solely gaming and winning prizes but camaraderie amongst our fellow gamers. The message of this event was simple , come play for a good cause. Francois and his team at 62 Traits not only made our staff feel welcome but made us a part of the event as well. MTR would like to thank Francois and his team for the invitation as well as the hospitality exhibited . MTR commends you for making this event about more then just games but about supporting your community. Until next year


Want to be a part or attend next year? Reach out to Francois via twitter @ninferno