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Gentle Giant Unveils Their Star Wars Halloween Exclusive

Gentle Giant is getting into the Halloween spirit courtesy of Star Wars. Last year Star Wars fans got a mini bust of Lak Sivrak available exclusively through the Gentle Giant website. They will be continuing the trend this year with another scary character from the Star Wars universe, which will be available exclusively through the website. This year's Halloween exclusive will be Kardue'sai'Malloc (a.k.a. Labria), a customer at the Mos Eisley cantina. The bust was designed by the Silva brothers and is be six inches tall. Much like the bust from last year, this one will be limited to 500 pieces and will include a hand-numbered certificate of authenticity. Check out some shots of the statue below courtesy of Gentle Giant

You can pre-order the bust here and can expect it in Q2 of 2022. Please note that orders are limited to one per customer. What do you think of the Labria bust? Will you be adding it to your Star Wars collection? Let us know in the comments.