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Gamefly Queue Review: Supremacy MMA

Supremely- Supremacy MMA cd cover art.

Kung Fu Factory and 505 Games had a solid concept that was littered with various issues that hampered this titles success. When Supremacy MMA was first announced the concept got my attention but as we the see the final product left much to be desired.




  • No flash knockouts which I guess adds to the more arcade feel.
  • Body movement is very robotic and lacks fluidity
  • No create a fighter
  • Executing and countering submission by moving the right analog stick<—> sucks!
  • Fight damage is extremely unbalanced.
  • While the death metal is welcome it tends to become a distraction during fights.



  • How can you not block and move in a fight!
  • How is it that Jens Pulver does not have an MMA moveset such as LEG KICKS!
  • Leg breaks and neck breaks were just used for shock value. Their novelty wears off quickly


In Action

In action will be a new addition to the reviews going forward and will show the gameplay with a bit of commentary.