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Benjamin Percy and Geoff Shaw Take Ghost Rider & Wolverine on a Wild Ride

In Benjamin Percy's GHOST RIDER/WOLVERINE: WEAPONS OF VENGEANCE, which comes out this summer, Ghost Rider and Wolverine will join forces for an epic crossover event. This action-packed crossover will combine Percy's successful runs on Ghost Rider and Wolverine into a new story that will keep fans on the edge of their seats.

In August's GHOST RIDER/WOLVERINE: WEAPONS OF VENGEANCE ALPHA, Percy joins forces with the well-known artist Geoff Shaw to show Wolverine and Johnny Blaze's first meeting. Logan and Johnny fought together against a terrifying supernatural threat when Logan was still learning what it meant to be an X-Man, and Johnny had just become a demon. In the present, Wolverine is on the run after the shocking events of FALL OF X, while Johnny is on a destructive path. When an old enemy returns, he will be more dangerous than ever.

Percy says, “Wolverine is made of metal.” Metal is what Ghost Rider is made of. When their adamantium and chrome are put together, they make HEAVY METAL!” This crossover tells the story of Logan and Johnny's first meeting, which has never been seen before, and their meeting again in the present day. When Wolverine looks into the possibility of a new Weapon Plus program that tests and specializes in Hell's weapons, he ends up being used as a revenge weapon. He can only be stopped by Johnny Blaze.

The story will continue in GHOST RIDER #17 and WOLVERINE #36 before concluding in GHOST RIDER/WOLVERINE: WEAPONS OF VENGEANCE. OMEGA. Fans can see Ryan Stegman's cover below.

Ghost Rider/Wolverine: Weapons of Vengeance Alpha #1 cover by Ryan Stegman

Wolverine and Ghost Rider will hit the Marvel Universe's darkest roads this summer in GHOST RIDER/WOLVERINE: WEAPONS OF VENGEANCE. Keep it locked to RAGE Works for more information. Don't miss out on this incredible crossover!