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Give Your Amateur Videos Some Professional Polish with the Merlin 2

If you shoot video to capture great moments with your family or even for your job like we do, then you know that shaky video truly sucks. Shaky cam may work for “found footage” films but when you are capturing certain moments, shaky video does not cut it. When I visited CE Week in June I had the pleasure of meeting some great reps at Tiffen who not only had some great bags and filters, but also had an awesome camera stabilizer called the Merlin 2. The Merlin 2 is not your usual run of the mill stabilizer since it's not only small but also ergonomic. I have had a few instances when I had to record a press conference and didn't want to lag my tripod.  The Merlin 2 eliminates the need to carry a tripod strapped to your backpack, plus it's compact enough to get tossed in a messenger bag with minimal fuss.

The Merlin 2 works with cameras weighing from 0.5 to 5 lbs. so you can throw on your video camera on it as well as large SLR cameras. I personally like the fact that I can use it both as a handheld stabilizer but also on my shoulder for run and gun shooting which would be an asset at places like CE Week or Comic Con where you are moving from booth to booth at a frantic pace.

I am sure the MSRP of $849 will throw off some of you, but when video is a source of income especially for those who do event coverage then occasionally you need to splurge on certain tools. The Merlin 2 can be found at B&H for $399. We hope to have a Merlin to review so we can really put it through the ringer.

Press Release



‘The Magic Starts Here’ Merlin 2 stabilizer system gives flight to videographers’ and cinematographers’ visual artistry


New York, NY June 26, 2012 The Tiffen Company, a leading manufacturer and distributor of award-winning accessories for the still imaging, video, motion picture, and broadcast markets, is showcasing the new Steadicam® Merlin 2 camera handheld stabilizer system at the CEA Line Show, booth 63. Introduced earlier this year at the CES exhibition (January 2012), the Merlin 2 system incorporates the same engineering prowess found in the legendary Steadicam feature-film models. The sleek ergonomic design significantly reduces fatigue, allowing users to endure longer shoots, capturing more artistic and elegant shots. “Steadicam is a tremendous brand and this is evident in the incredible reception we have received for the Merlin 2 launch,” comments Steve Tiffen, President and CEO, The Tiffen Company.“Steadicam solutions are designed by motion picture artists and their creativity is at the core of every clever product Tiffen rolls out. We are very excited to put the brand new Merlin 2 handheld front and center on the Tiffen stand and give artists another outstanding tool from the Steadicam family.”

About the Merlin 2 Stabilizer System
The Merlin 2 system offers videographers, cinematographers, and video enthusiasts an ultra-smooth, elegant handheld camera stabilizer system with unparalleled performance and precision. The Merlin 2 system supports a wide range of DSLR, compact and professional camcorders, point-and-shoot cameras, and other video-capture device models weighing from 0.5 to 5 lbs (0.23 to 2.2 kg).
The Merlin 2’s forward-thinking “Folding-Caliper”TM hinge allows instant fold-up — perfect for shoulder-mounted shooting — and, just as quickly, returns precisely to its original position for handheld camera work. The newly enhanced precision-adjustable stage offers shooters exacting balance. Highlights of the Merlin 2 include the following:

  •        Robust stage design featuring a rigid camera plate, multi-angle viewable level, and larger easily adjustable knobs for secure camera mounting and ease of use
  •         A secure gimbal lock allows for precise tuning
  •          The lens platform adjusts to various heights and angles to help support longer lenses and camera bodies
  •         The ergonomic handle affords a comfortable grip for hours without undue fatigue, for either right or left-handed users
  •         All parts are stainless steel, aluminum or brass for corrosion resistance
  •          Dovetail plate and gimbal are retrofittable with original Steadicam Merlin
  •          Top dovetail plate has been designed to clear battery doors on most DSLR cameras
  •          Secure metal interconnect to Merlin arm post
  •         Sleek new black and stainless steel styling

For more information about the Steadicam Merlin products, please visit https://www.tiffen.com/steadicam_merlin2.html.

Pricing and Availability
The Merlin 2
is available today through the Tiffen worldwide reseller network at a list price of 849.00 USD. Visit www.tiffen.com for more information.



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