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My Take Radio Broadcasts its 200th Episode Tonight!

This journey started in 2006 with just a headset mic and a desire to share my thoughts with the world. I knew nothing about editing, RSS or production and would sit in at my desk talking about all my interests to a virtual crowd of people I never met. As time wore on I got burned out and shelved MTR but occasionally popped up on VGN with the Baird brothers and their crew or on Born Stubborn radio with Blaine.

In 2009 I decided to  relaunch the show and a site to compliment it using Blog Talk Radio and WordPress.com as a trial run. I found that doing the live show worked better and people liked what I had to say.  I pushed on  while dealing with a full-time job and an endless cornucopia of real world stress but the people kept listening to my rhetoric and the site kept growing. Today I air the 200th episode of MTR which is a pretty big milestone for me since there have been multiple times where I contemplated pulling the plug and shelving this project.

I have had the pleasure of interviewing fighters, comic artists, fellow broadcasters and even some actors which isn't bad for a guy that started of with a headset and the urge to share his opinion with the world. It's been a long road and I am grateful to a supportive inner circle of family, friends and fellow broadcasters who believe in what I do and push me to be better. I am also grateful for all the people who tune in for three or more hours a night every Thursday to hear my madness since you fuel this machine called MTR.

I close out this post by saying that tonight a new chapter in MTR history begins!  Tune in by heading to mtrlive.com at 11pm ET/8pm PT