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God Eater 3 is Available Now

God Eaters – last line of defense against the monstrous beings known as Aragami which have devastated the world. God Eaters are unique individuals with special abilities to wield powerful God Arc weaponry. These are the only known weapons that can destroy an Aragami. God Arc weapons come in a variety of melee and ranged types. Choose from swords, hammers, sickles, spears, shotguns, sniper rifles, and more.

New to GOD EATER 3 are dual bladed and Heavy Moon weapons. Each type comes with unique transforming functions to extend their utility and provide additional attack options and damage. You determine which weapon works best for your playstyle. From there, hone its intricacies when taking on missions in Story Mode or online with other GOD EATER 3 players.

Experience New Weapons and Attacks

GOD EATER 3 incorporates new combat mechanics and customization options to create dynamic fights that change the flow of battles. After devouring an enemy, players can activate Burst Arts which change all normal attacks into special attacks. Players can also choose between several Burst Arts, as well as the specific effects of the Burst Art, to suit their play style. In addition to Burst Arts, a new Dive ability increases the speed of combat by having players race headlong towards enemies for swift attacks, keeping constant pressure on the opposition.

God Eater 3 Takes the Fight Online

Team up with three other God Eaters to tackle story missions together or combine forces with seven other players for an Assault Mission to experience the largest group battles ever seen in a GOD EATER title. Cooperating and fighting as a team can help engage the Battle Support System. By fighting next to teammates, players can unleash this new ability which shares various power-ups to help the entire team get through tough fights and secure victory.