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Godfall - boss fight

Godfall PC Gameplay Trailer

Following the PS5 announcement, Gearbox Publishing is showing off PC gameplay for Godfall. This latest video is a narrated by Keith Lee, the game's director. He introduces us to the world of Aperion, Valorplates, and the combat coming this holiday. Gearbox and Counterplay Games are calling their new IP the beginning of the “looter-slasher” genre. As they are looking to stand out from the crowd, we wish them the best of luck in this endeavor. R.A.G.E. Works will be following the development and release of this title closely.

Godfall - MP combat
Godfall offers single and multiplayer combat
Godfall Invents the Looter-Slasher Genre

Keith Lee explains that Godfall looks to deliver a unique experience by rewarding players twofold. As your Valorian knight battles and bludgeons their way through the world of Aperion, you will obtain Valorplates. These will enhance your offensive and defensive capabilities, but that alone will not keep you alive. Combat offers players the ability to be creative and developing your combat prowess will make fights easier for you. Despite the “slasher” moniker, you will not just hack and slash your way through Aperion. We look forward to more information on the combat and will share them with you as it develops. You can wishlist the PC version of the game now on the Epic Games Store.