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Gord - Key Art

Gord Announce Trailer – Coming in 2022

Gord is coming to Steam next year from Polish development studio Covenant. The upcoming title combines adventure, survival, city building with Slavic folklore. The fantasy title will keep players on their toes as they play through the procedurally generated scenarios. Look forward to more news on this title as it develops.

Gord - spider fight
Bringing new meaning to KILL IT WITH FIRE!
About Gord

Prepare for a single-player, adventure strategy game featuring developing societies, eerie forbidden lands, and remarkable mythical creatures. Players complete quests and manage a populace whose personal stories and well-being impact the fate of the settlement. Look forward to:

  • Adventure strategy in a dark fantasy setting – Lead the people of the Tribe of the Dawn as they venture deep into forbidden lands and ensure the survival of your populace in a grim fantasy world inspired by Slavic folklore.
  • A unique city-builder with survival elements – Grow your Gord from a humble settlement to a formidable fortress while your population is constantly at risk from enemy tribes, gruesome monsters, and mysterious powers that lurk in the surrounding woods.
  • AI-driven quest system to ensure lots of variety – Side quests and random encounters will send you off into the wilderness to hunt down legendary creatures, uncover secrets about the Ancients, or vanquish a nasty scourge.
  • Custom scenarios with procedural level generation – Choose from a variety of primary objectives, select the level size, the intensity of raids, the environment you’ll play in, the types of enemies you’ll face, starting resources, and even the severity of the weather.
  • Impactful Sanity and Burden systems – Every aspect of your settlers’ lives – from illness and hunger to the death of their kin – can impact your villagers' psychological state.
  • Unleash powerful Incantations – Spells vary in nature – some are offensive while others are defensive – but they all help to tip the battlefield in your favor.
  • Uncover the world’s mysteries in The Chronicle – Pages torn from The Chronicle will be scattered throughout the game’s landscapes, giving dedicated players an additional challenge of discovering lore that explains the Gord universe.

R.A.G.E. Works will follow this game through its development cycle and keep you up to date. Make sure to wishlist it on Steam now!