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Poison Control - cover

Poison Control Launches on PS4 and Switch!

Poison Control is available now for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Originally announced last fall, the devilish third-person shooter is finally here. This game combines high-octane gameplay and a grim-yet-charming art style into one unforgettable adventure. Use Poisonette’s powers to purify areas of Poison Mires while blasting away enemies as her gunslinging Soul Mate. You can also customize your gameplay experience by choosing between a male or female Soul Mates. Unlock weapons and enhancements with each world you purify and increase certain stats through choice-based dialogue.

Poison Control - 03
About Poison Control

Upon meeting in the Hell Realm, the protagonist becomes Soul Mates with Poisonette. As two souls in one body, the both of you begin purifying Hell in hopes of reaching the Heavenly Realm. “Anyone who makes it to Heaven gets one wish granted. To get there, we'll have to make our way through Hell collecting stickers.” But while you seek to return to the Mortal Realm, Poisonette seeks to take your body for good. Even so, whether she's in your body or at your side, working with her to get to Heaven is your only hope.

Poison Control is available now on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The (physical) Switch version is called the “Contaminated Edition.” It contains a digital soundtrack sampler and a mini art book. For full details, please visit the game's official website.