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Grand Kingdom Gameplay Showcase Trailer

Grand Kingdom is an upcoming RPG from Spike Chunsoft. It is difficult to categorize because the game combines aspects of many different RPG styles. The new trailer showcases the gameplay elements that make up the game. I have to say that I am impressed as a long time RPG fan. Just about every “I wish I could do this” thing you never see in an RPG seems to be in this game. Ever pulled off a spectacular attack on a boss only to have him survive with a shred of HP? Grand Kingdom has something for that. Ever been about to pull off that spectacular on a boss, only to have them sneak in an attack and KO your attacker? Grand kingdom has something for that. When we posted the announcement trailer for this game I felt like this game would be good. With this latest trailer, I have to say that this will be one of the games to heat up the summer season. There are several big RPGs coming out this year and Grand Kingdom could easily be the best of them.

The Grand Kingdom Grand Edition – available for PS4 or PS Vita