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Grand Theft Auto V Delayed for PC; Heists Coming March 10

Ladies and gentlemen, Duke Nukem Forever. . . wait, I meant to say Grand Theft Auto V for PC has unfortunately been delayed yet again. This is the third 2015 launch date the game has received and let us hope and pray that it sticks this time. The one piece of promising news that comes out of todays report from Rockstar is that for the first time since the original console release of Grand Theft Auto V, we finally have a date for the launch of Online Heist mode. Previous promises have always been “it’s coming by” or just saying “soon,” but this time Rockstar says that on Tuesday, March 10, 2015, there will be an update to all existing versions of Grand Theft Auto V that will add the long awaited Heist Mode. Heists will not be single missions. Just like in story mode, they will have multiple parts and prep work must be done before the actual heist takes place. This will be an exciting addition to the Grand Theft Auto V gameplay and let’s keep our fingers crossed that it launches on the day that is promised.

I might be giving Rockstar a lot of crap but the long wait will likely bring us an extremely polished mode of gameplay. If it fixes the hacking issues, that would be nice as well.