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Grand Theft Auto V Fans Will Live the “High Life” Starting May 13

Grand Theft Auto V is not without its flaws and I have discussed them at length in previous posts. Regardless, the online mode is still extremely fun to play and fans find way to improve upon the model every day. Things can only get better next week when Rockstar adds the “High Life Update” to Grand theft Auto Online. It is worth noting that this update, along wit hall the other DLC the game has received in its eight month run is free. Rockstar, unlike a lot of other companies, is not nickel and diming the fans with map packs and the like, so we should cut them a little slack on cleaning up the game’s issues.  Starting next Tuesday, May 13, the streets will be a little meaner with new rides to customize, new guns to waste your opponents with and now you can purchase a second property. Whether it be to hide from attackers, show off to friends or just store more of your custom cars, Having a second property had to happen considering players have had multiple hideouts since, I don’t know, Grand Theft Auto III or so.

What I am personally waiting for are the cars. I love my rides in the game and I have been starving for something that can move faster than the Adder and/or outperform the XF at high speeds. I am hoping that the Pegassi Zentorno will be that car. Along with that speed demon, the Enus Huntley S (SUV), Dewbauchee Massacro (Sports) and the Dinka Thrust (Motorcycle) join the vehicle ranks of Los Santos. As usual, you will buy these online and they will be delivered to your garage (thank goodness for the extra space!). The cars and guns will be available in Story mode as well.  What I am not excited about is the addition of Non Contact mode. This allows you to turn collisions off in races and while I applaud Rockstar for giving fans what they want, what is the fun of no collisions? Hey, not all of the updates are gonna be winners.

Royce da 5’9” said “If it wasn’t for ya whip, I’d have nothin’ to strip,” so you had better believe that Ammu-Nation is giving you some new firepower to protect what’s yours. The Bullpup Rifle looks nasty and will have you putting your opponents on lead weight loss plans. Also look forward to new clothes, new car horns and new taunts so you can make fun of the guy you just killed with the bullpup rifle.

If you have not found your favorite job yet, Rockstar is adding more to choose from – a total of 15 new jobs, including 5 new Contact missions.  As you run through these missions or just run through the freemode, make sure to cause extra havoc so players can see just how insane you are. With the addition of the Mental State player statistic, everyone on your map can see whether you are a passive player or the guy who is nuts enough to go toe to toe with a tank on foot.

Get your money up this weekend, people. There is gonna be some heavy spending next week.