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Grand Theft Auto V Update 1.28: Ill Gotten Gains Part 2

A man on a boat in Grand Theft Auto V holding money.
A man on a boat in Grand Theft Auto V holding money.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Independence Day celebration in Los Santos last week because it is over now. If you did not get your hands on a Musket, Fireworks Launcher or any of the red, white and blue goodies (including tire smoke) then you are out of luck until next year! Today starts what many of us have been waiting for: Grand Theft Auto Online update 1.28! For the laymen, that means the Ill Gotten Gains part 2 update is live! Five new (land) vehicles, two new weapons and tons of clothes, tattoos and accessories have been added. There is even a new boat available. The “killer” news is that all console versions of the game now have access to The Lab FM, previously exclusive to the PC release. The Alchemist and Oh No have produced tracks inspired by the Grand Theft Auto V original score featuring the talents of Killer Mike, Earl SweatshirtMNDR and more! If you have never heard any of the works from The Lab FM, here is a blazing hot sample (NSFW):

Here is a taste of the new vehicular mayhem available for your Los Santos larceny:

  • Coil Brawler
  • Vapid Chino
  • Invetero Coquette BlackFin
  • Progen T20
  • Dinka Vindicator (motorcycle)
Will the Progen T20 set a new land speed record?

ANd for our nautical enthusiasts, there is also the Lampadati Toro. If you cannot escape your competition, you have no choice but to take them out. The new solid gold Knuckle Dusters and the Marksman Pistol will aid you in that endeavor. The Knuckle Dusters come in several different flavors for the choosy criminal:

  • The Pimp
  • The Ballas
  • The Rock
  • The King
  • The Hater
  • The Lover
  • The Hustler
  • The Player
  • The Vagos
Hit the brakes to store kinetic energy for a speed boost!

If that wasn't enough, Rockstar is offering a 25% rebate on your next qualifying purchase from Legendary Motorsports between July 8-15. The rebate will go directly into your Maze Bank account no later than July 19. For full details, check the Rockstar Newswire article on this latest update. Considering the Progen T20 costs $2.2M, I will happily accept a $550K rebate!

I can hear the Too $hort bumpin' out of this already

Our more creative killers will be happy to know that you can finally create (legitimate) jobs in Los Santos International Airport and on Fort Zancudo Military Base. This update also boasts many fixes so we will hopefully run into fewer bugs while rampaging through town.  Summer just got a lot hotter for gamers so get out there and make your mark in San Andreas! Keep it here for more info on Grand Theft Auto V and all your favorite games as R.A.G.E. Works continues to bring you our take on what's hot and what's not.