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Gwent Gets its Own Game!

Gwent, for those who have no idea what I speak of, is a card game within the world of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. That is what it was initially, anyway. When the expansion content for Witcher III started to release, CD Projekt RED began giving out real decks so that fans could play Gwent outside of the video game. This was explosive in terms of popularity. CD Projekt Red did what Square Enix failed to back in 1999, 2000 and 2001. Respectively, that was to cash in on the popularity of Triple Triad (FFVIII), Tetra Master (FFIX) and Blitzball (FFX). Any of those could have been a standalone game. Thankfully, CD Projekt RED is not making the same mistake as they fully embrace the popularity of Gwent. This is why at  e3 2016, they have officially announced that Gwent will become a standalone video game. This will allow players worldwide to challenge one another and who knows how far that will go.

Gwent will be free to play at launch and we will provide more details as they surface. Sign up for the beta and get full details at the Gwent website.