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Mr. Shifty Kicks In the Door

Mr. Shifty is a new kind of stealth game. Mr. Shifty doesn't hide behind corners. Mr. Shifty does not wait for security guards to turn around. Mr. Shifty simply kicks ass. Everyone's ass that he can. When things get a little hectic and someone is about to get the drop on him, Mr. Shifty simply disappears. For you comic fans out there, if you ever wondered what would happen if Marvel combined their two most popular “devils” (Nightcrawler and Daredevil), it would look a little bit like Mr. Shifty. Teleporting amongst crowds of gunmen and kicking ass is the name of this game. Kicking down doors and breaking through walls are standard fare when clearing these rooms. Enjoy this early trailer and count on R.A.G.E. Works to be following this game to its 2017 release.

“Kick in the door, wave in the .44!”