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Hascon 2017: Marvel Legends Interview

Marvel Legends showcases its latest products and unveils exclusive interviews during HasCon, the ultimate event for Marvel enthusiasts.

We caught up with Ryan Ting, Global Brand Manager, and Dwight Stall, Senior Design Manager, from the Hasbro's Marvel Legends Team at the inaugural Hascon event. We discussed the newly unveiled figures for Black Bolt and Namor as well as figures from the Marvel Legends “Netflix” line including a brand new figure of Blade as well as the Man-Thing build-a-figure. We also discussed the new Marvel Legends Vehicle lineup and new additions to the cosplay props line including a Thor's Mjolnir and Star-Lord's helmet.

I also asked them about a possible Marvel Legends Infinity Gauntlet and while it has been discussed it is not in the pipeline at this time.