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Heaven’s Vault Launches on Steam and PS4

In the Nebula, far-flung moons are linked by a network of rivers in the sky… but the rivers are drying up. Robots once moved freely among humans… until the robots were buried, along with their secrets. An extinct civilization foretold the future in a language no one remembers. Aliya Elasra is an archeologist. And she's after the truth.

About Heaven's Vault

Heaven's Vault is an incredibly flexible narrative experience with a complex linguistic puzzle at its core. Every decision you make — and every translation you guess — feeds back into the story to weave a tale that changes each time you play it.
Decipher ancient inscriptions to gain a deeper understanding of this world and thousands of years of history. But be warned: just like a real archeologist, no matter how confident you are about the theories you come up with, you'll never know for sure if you're correct.