The Politician (HITMAN 2 ET# 4) is now live in the Hawke's Bay location. The mission is special for two reasons. First, the target has a body double and you have to figure out who is who. Second, is the fact that everyone can play this mission. Whether you own HITMAN 2 or not, you can get the Elusive Target experience this one time. All you need to do is download the HITMAN 2 Starter Pack which contains Hawke's Bay.

Oh, and ANOTHER Thing

There is a HUGE bonus for downloading the HITMAN 2 Starter Pack. Despite being a single mission, it gives you access to the HITMAN 2 Legacy Pack DLC. This little secret was confirmed by user GoldChartMan54 of the HITMAN forum. So if you own the first game, you get the Legacy Pack DLC for free ($20 value). If you are a PS Plus subscriber that got HITMAN free last month, you probably have not downloaded the HITMAN GOTY Expansion. For you, the Legacy Pack DLC would be $9.99. Regardless, this is a great time for new players to get in on HITMAN 2. Do not miss your chance!


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