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HITMAN 2 Has a Huge Content Year Planned

HITMAN 2 launched back in November of 2018 and has continuously built upon itself since. Weekly content drops have included community-created contracts, Elusive Tasrget missions new and old and even new maps and items. Twenty-two main missions were available via the game hub at launch and the number has since grown.

Earlier today, developer IO Interactive dropped a bomb that has the HITMAN community going nuts. An image detailing “part” of the HITMAN 2 roadmap for the remainder of 2019. I say part because “more to come” is very clearly displayed at the top. If this is only part of what the team has in store for players, 2019 will be packed with Agent 47 action!

HITMAN 2 - 2019 road map
I hope for a lot of accident opportunities in the bank

HITMAN 2 is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One now. From within the game, you can purchase a remastered copy of 2016's HITMAN using the updated game engine. If you even remotely like stealth games, this is a must-own.