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HITMAN Elusive Target #1: The Forger

Hitman continues to deliver to its fans and not only by way of the episodic content that makes up the game. Yesterday, Friday May 13th, Agent 47 received a new contract in Paris. This would be the first of the Elusive Targets to surface. ICA client, Simone Larin, has grown tired of her husband Sergei stealing her family's treasures housed in their home Palais de Walewska. She is in New York for the weekend, giving Agent 47 just enough time to put an end to “Baron” Larin's forgery business. Io Interactive added a touch of realism to this group of contracts. You only get one chance to take down Larin. If you fail to complete the task before the time limit or are killed in the process, he gets away for good. Once you complete the mission, there will be no repeating it. Clues are given regarding Sergei's whereabouts but he is not sitting in one place waiting for the reaper. Not to mention his armed guard that follows him wherever he goes. Make sure you are properly prepared for this mission as there are no second chances. Fortunately, I took care of the Baron and was able to share my exploits with you. The most difficult part was finding him and it took me over an hour to do so. I was able to significantly edit the video and you can view the hit below if you have about fifteen minutes to spare.