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HITMAN Elusive Target# 14 and New Reward System

Hitman - Agent 47 modeling
Why yes, yes it is.

When the HITMAN season finale was announced, Io-Interactive ensured fans that this would not be the end of season one's content. This was confirmed by way of an image that laid out November's timeline of HITMAN content releases:

HITMAN - November schedule

In case you are confused as to the date, we are in the third week. Elusive Targets generally (but not exclusively) launch on Fridays. Io has specifically told fans that they mix it up so that you will never know when to truly expect one. This adds to the “elusive” nature of the mission. Regardless, the HITMAN website confirmed today that this fourteenth mission will, in fact, launch (tomorrow) Friday, November 18, 2016.

HITMAN - The Chef

This will be the seventh Elusive Target mission in France and the first that counts towards the new rewards system. More on that in a moment. The next target is codenamed “The Chef” and from the picture he will at least temporarily be located in the basement of Palais de Walewska. For someone like myself who always heads to the basement when starting Paris missions this could be a gift or a curse, depending upon how tight security is. Now we move on to the big news. Fans have been bugging the hell out of the devs for more outfits and disguises. Their wishes are starting to be granted.

HITMAN - Elusive Target rewards

Up until tomorrow's update, the rewards for Elusive Target completion were limited to what you see in the lower left corner. They all kinda look the same even though we fans love them individually. Starting with tomorrow's mission, it will be important not only to complete the mission, but also to score the Silent Assassin rating. The two outfits on the lower right will be awarded for one and five silent assassin completions, respectively. The top row of outfits will be rewarded when you complete an Elusive Target in one of the six mission locations. Even though all (except the Yukata) were starting outfits for their respective locations, this will be the first time you will be able to use them elsewhere. I for one, am excited. I have one failure in my thirteen missions and I intend to pull a DJ Khaled until I unlock all of these.

HITMAN - complete first season

Good luck assassins, I will leave you to prepare.