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HITMAN Elusive Target #14 – The Chef

First, I have to apologize to any fans of my channel for not posting Elusive Target #13. I worked really hard on my plan for it and I failed. Our resident HITMAN wound up riddled with bullets and when I saw that “Failed” screen I just got that sinking feeling. That said, I will post all videos going forward. If I fail, you will see it in full HD glory.

HITMAN - Garbiel Santos

On to the current task. Gabriel Santos, aka “The Chef,” attended the Sanguine Fall Fashion Show to prepare food especially for Viktor Novikov and Dalia Margolis. His culinary skills are world renown and only exceeded by his ego. He has verbally and physically assaulted his subordinates for years. For fear of being blacklisted, no one has ever spoken up until now. ICA's latest client wants Santos to meet his end. 47 has been left to prepare and I now give you the world's harshest food critic, silent assassin style.

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