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HITMAN Fans Chose Their Gary – Elusive Target #7

HITMAN is kicking off another content-packed week! The day fans have been waiting for since the end of May is finally here. Tomorrow, July, 19th, the Summer Bonus Episode will be available to those who purchased the Full Experience or the Intro and Upgrade packs. Look for content from that update all over R.A.G.E. Works this week.

The big news is that the contract we have all been waiting for (or at least I have) is here! The winner of the Gary vs. Gary contest was none other than Gary Busey. He has been codenamed “The Wildcard” and is Agent 47's seventh Elusive Target. Starting at 8AM EDT on Thursday, July 21st, certified maniac Gary Busey will be running around Sapienza for a full week. Now I actually like Gary Busey, but you had best believe I am gonna try to put a bullet in his teeth this week!

Sapienza is gonna sizzle this week for HITMAN fans! I leave you to prepare.

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