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HITMAN Takes on ‘Freedom Fighters’ This Month

HITMAN forum users were highly anticipating the announcement of the next Elusive Target this week. It would be the tenth contract and players' first run at the Blood Money suit unlock. So far this week, that dream has not been fulfilled. Io-Interactive and Square Enix instead hit us with bigger news – the official announcement of the fifth episode and its launch date.

On September 27, 2016, Agent 47 touches down in the good ol' USA in heartland territory. His mission is titled “Freedom Fighters” and it will take place on a farm compound in Colorado. The area is only a farm compound in name as it hides a private militia training ground. Reminiscent of previous missions like Dexter Industries in Hitman: Absolution, this will be the most difficult mission yet in this installment. Sapienza's World of Tomorrow mission previously held the title with three objectives. Freedom Fighters however has four human targets:

  • Sean Rose
  • Maya Parvati
  • Ezra Berg
  • Penelope Graves

The increased number of targets is not the only challenge; the entire compound is a hostile area for 47. Suit only runs will be more difficult this time around. This may be the mission where the shotguns, ARs and SMGs in our inventory really come into play. This episode also promises to have big reveals for the overall season 1 story. All will become clear on Tuesday, September 27th. As more information comes out, you know that R.A.G.E. Works will bring it to you. For know, “I leave you to prepare.”