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HYPERGUN Coming Later This Month

The year is 2038. A highly advanced alien race has occupied planet Earth and the human race is at its breaking point. The fate of our species now depends on DevTech Labs’ top-secret HYPERGUN program: a highly advanced simulation that is designed to create the ultimate weapon to combat the alien oppressors by combining weapon components across countless simulations. Here, players step into the shoes of fearless DevTech Labs intern, Dewey Owens. With nerves of steel and wielding the most questionably effective weapon known to humanity, Dewey spends his spare team sneaking into the DevTech Labs… uhh… labs outside of work hours and facing off against the baddest of the bad in the HYPERGUN program.


HYPER-realistic Simulation!

Since HYPERGUN's announcement, NVYVE has been hard at work adding some slick polish and even more crazy content. What can you look forward to as you tackle the most insane simulation the world has ever seen? Well, for starters;

  • Explore the DevTech offices, which serves as a hub area for upgrading classes, unlocking attachments, and browsing your statistics.
  • Blast away aliens with 150+ weapon attachments like the Canuck Special (launch purple beavers at your foes!), the Ripsaw (fire saw blades that slice and dice!) and the Valentines Slay (fire arrows of pure love, converting aliens temporarily to your side!).
  • Unlock new player classes, each with their own starting weapon and abilities to use. Start out with the Intern Class (Dewey Owens), employing a rapid-fire SMG, sprint, and deadly spilled coffee. Work your way up to the Lawyer (Gilligan Gold), blasting away aliens with a shotgun and making use of buff auras to enhance your abilities.
  • Sift through emails, bug reports, and passive-aggressive sticky notes in the DevTech offices to uncover the story behind this rag-tag group of developers who just might have what it takes to save humanity from our alien oppressors.
  • Test your mettle against badass bosses, including the massive Basilisk, which fires a barrage of ordnance and destroys the floor right out from under you. Then there's the  Twins, a nasty combo of melee and ranged combat which is sure to keep you on your toes.
  • Blast through hordes of enemies, ranging from the simple but numerous Shamblers, to the deadly fast Gladiators, and Guardians which shield their allies from incoming damage.


HYPERGUN Key Features
  • Create the HYPERGUN – With over 150 weapon modules to collect, no two runs in the simulation will be the same. Each module you pick up will change your weapon in exciting and often questionable ways, all in the name of determining the ultimate weapon to defeat our alien oppressors.
  • Procedural Levels – Fight through increasingly difficult simulated arenas which are randomly generated with each playthrough.
  • Alien Hordes – Take on a host of (simulated) vicious alien invaders, recreated in immaculate detail.
  • Badass Bosses – Throw down against epically powerful bosses at the end of each level to put your skills and weapon to the test.
  • Unlockable Classes and Abilities – Unlock your co-worker's simulation profiles gaining access to a selection of more than 40 unique abilities giving you the upper hand in alien-destroying combat.
  • Office Politics – Explore the DevTech offices as the intern Dewey Owens, who's somehow managed to sneak in over the weekend. Even at the end of the world, there's time to track down passive aggressive post-it notes from coworkers!

HYPERGUN will be available on Windows PC on Aug 23, 2018 with Xbox One and PS4 to follow in the fall!


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