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International Space Banana - cover

International Space Banana is Here!

International Space Banana launches today from PQube and Cool Scooter Software. Get ready for zero gravity, physics and potassium! You are now a banana. No one knows the reason why. The good news is you have eight levels to figure it out. The bad news is you are a banana and have to make it through eight levels! Obstacle courses, time trials, puzzles and more await! Navigate this unintuitive, nightmarish, man-sized hellscape and escape.

International Space Banana - Golden Banana Statue
About International Space Banana

Take control of an aerospace scientist turned banana as you attempt to retrace your steps across eight unique, punishing levels. Get ready for painfully accurate physics simulations as you try to find out what the hell happened. Pick the game up exclusively on Steam today for $4.99. Now through April 7 you will get 10% off the purchase price. The developers even readied something special for you hardcore banana fans.

More Banana Than You Can Handle

The International Space Banana Collector's Edition is our biggest ever special edition at £9,999.99 (roughly $13,800). It features a hardened space-flight carry case packed with authentic NANA space traveler gear. Check out the video!

There's even a theme song!