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Introducing Meia – Newest Addition to Mobius Final Fantasy

Mobius Final Fantasy updates today with its first female playable character, Meia. With the release of the latest story, “Chapter VI: Bewitching Memories,” fans will be able to watch Meia’s story unfold and obtain her character simply by playing through the newest chapter. Over the course of these next two months, Meia will have two job upgrades. The first comes with her debut today:

In November, part two of “Chapter VI: Bewitching Memories” launches and with it comes another job class for Meia:

There will also be special events this month in celebration of Halloween.

  • Halloween Celebration Gifts: The Halloween campaign kicks off with a free pumpkin accessory for all players to accessorize Meia. Additionally, one elixir will be gifted to all players daily by logging into the game. All elixirs will allow players to recover double the stamina throughout the entire Halloween campaign (October 16~November 2).
  • October Ranking Event for Hardcore Players: From October 24 to October 31, the ranking event in which Meia made her first appearance will be returning to give players an opportunity to defeat powerful enemies to climb the leaderboards and win big rewards.

The first pieces of this new content for Mobius Final Fantasy are currently available so update your app now!