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1st Impression:Kick-Ass-Trailer

With the popularity of comic movies and lack of creativity from hollywood a new trend is starting. That trend is movies based on niche characters. From Spawn to Constantine to Wanted to the upcoming Jonah Hex and Preacher niche comics are becoming the new “it” thing to make movies from. While I can give hollywood shit for the what they are doing I actually have enjoyed these films because the characters they are based on have more adult content and most directors stick to the story for the most part.

In the same vein as Wanted I present Kick-Ass( Based on the popular Icon comic of the same name) a movie about a kid who wants to be hero and has no idea what he's gotten himself into. Mark Millar who created Wanted brought his own brand of humor and social awkwardness to Kick-Ass that was so prevalent in Wanted.

Based on the trailer I see a ton of potential for another comic book to translate well into film. Do you agree/disagree?

Poster Image Credit Goes to teaser-trailer.com