Ever since I was a kid I was always a fan of greek mythology and I watched most of the movies based on those stories growing up.One of the movies I remember the most was the 1981 classic Clash Of The Titans which at the time had some of the greatest special effects i'd ever seen.Not only did I become a huge fan of this movie,but I also was introduced to the work of Ray Harryhausen who did memorable special effects for other movies I enjoyed. When I first heard they doing a remake of this classic film like always I cringed at the thought of another childhood favorite  being ruined. My only comfort was that the modern-day special effects would make a great story better.

After learning about the cast which includes

  • Sam Worthington as Perseus
  • Liam Neeson as Zeus
  • Ralph Fiennes as Hades
  • Gemma Arterton as Io

With a solid cast I figured it was going to be good. After seeing the trailer I see this movie doing the original justice. While they may go crazy with effects if the overall story stays true to the original I think it'll make money.It's nice to see the new generation get introduced to an old favorite.

Check out both the trailer for the 81 classic as well as the nice and new 2010 version.Enjoy!


  1. Didn’t cringe, didn’t cheer. I am so jaded at this point man. I will probably go see this expecting them to horrendously mess it up just like Transformers. The trailer gave no inkling as to what the story was so unless you did see the original, you really have no idea. All they showcased was action which makes me feel that the flick will be light on actuall writing.Yeah the original had a buttload of claymation and stopmotion photography (big time stuff then), but it focused on the story – the special effects were only there because of what needed to be on screen. This seems the opposite (by the trailer) – seems like it will focus on over the top 300-style action of real man vs special effects and the plot will be an afterthought.

    Might as well let Bay direct.

    I really hope to be wrong on what I have just typed out.

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