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King of Fighters XIV Demo Tomorrow!

King of Fighters XIV has been teased for well over a year by SNK Playmore. Earlier this year, we found out they handed publishing rights of the game to ATLUS and that started the team trailers. While I am sure we are going to see a few more of those, the time for teasing is over. Starting tomorrow, we can get our hands on seven fighters to practice the games new techniques and modes. There will be no online until the game launches but couch co-op is supported. Just who are the seven fighters, you ask? Here is the rundown:

  • Kyo Kusanagi
  • Mai Shiranui
  • Iori Yagami
  • Sylvie Paula Paula
  • King of Dinosaurs
  • Shun'ei
  • Nelson

Get a mix of fighters old and new as we impatiently wait for the release next month. You didn't really think that was all I had to say today, did you?

Here he is, the self proclaimed “King of Fighters” and the guy running this tournament, Antonov! Literally a beast, he makes King of Dinosaurs look tiny. His brutal punches will give Geese a run for his money and might possibly break Iori in half. I am sure he will aggravate players worldwide when they try to complete story mode. I cannot wait to try him on for size! Oh yes, I almost forgot! Download the demo tomorrow and you will also get a free premium theme for your PS4, SCORE!

King of Fighters XIV comes exclusively to PlayStation 4 on August 23, 2016! Download the demo tomorrow and enjoy!