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King of Fighters XIV Presents: TEAM ANOTHER WORLD

The King of Fighters XIV has about one or two more teams to show (only one or two weeks left); next up is Team Another World! A dark force has descended upon the tournament but few have even noticed its presence. One team is destined to stop it as a maiden of light senses evil from across space and time!

Nakoruru created a team of heroines from beyond the King of Fighters world in order to fight the the dark spectre hanging over the tournament. Combining her blade and her trusted friend Mamahaha (her pet hawk), she will literally tear her way through evil in order to restore peace to this world. Realizing that she could not accomplish this alone, she enlisted the help of two other maidens from distant worlds.

First is Mui Mui, a kung fu expert whose strikes would be deadly without the factor of dragon blood in her veins. The strength of the dragon is matched only by its appetite and this young lady intends to fully enjoy this world's delicacies while she is here. Despite an insatiable hunger, one should never doubt her aptitude for fighting evil.

Completing the team is Love Heart. She was in the pursuit of vengeance for her father's murder when Nakoruru called upon her for help. She intends to give her all to aid her new comrade, but her goal is to finish the task quickly. She wants to return home in order to make the murderous Skull Pirates pay for their misdeeds.

We are less than two weeks from the launch of King of Fighters XIV so get those pre-orders in now! King of Fighters XIV comes exclusively to PlayStation 4 on August 23, 2016.