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King of Fighters XIV Presents: TEAM MEXICO

King of Fighters XIV continues its weekly ritual! Today we have yet another team showcased as we lead up to the launch of the game on August 23! A quick side announcement: King of Fighters XIV will officially be present at EVO 2016! If that weren't enough, there will be a KoF XIV tournament at EVO – someone is going home with $1400!

Kicking things off for this team is the lovely Angel. This beauty turns downright demonic when the match starts. As a former assassin of NESTS, she has been augmented with superhuman strength. Even without it, her skill in Muay Thai will make you wish you never asked for her number. Even her fan service doesn't make up for the pure ass whooping she will hand you!

Next we have the Team Mexico leader, the King of Dinosaurs. This guy is nuts but I doubt anyone has the balls to tell him that. He is a beast of a man even if he weren't wearing a functional dinosaur mask complete with talon-bearing gloves. He has a brutish wrestling style into which he incorporates the ferocity of the tyrant lizard. Do not get on this guy's bad side! Does he even have a good one?

Rounding out the bunch, we have yet another wrestler. Ramon, aka “The Mightiest Tiger” is a pure luchador. He is in the tournament not only to assist Dinosaur, he wants to show off his ring skills! He believes that his love of the sport will take him to the top.

Yup, she just did that.

BURN TO FIGHT! King of Fighters XIV comes exclusively to PlayStation 4 on August 23, 2016.

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