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Marvel Comics First Look: Champions #1

Cover: Humberto Ramos 
Artist: Humberto Ramos  | Writer: Mark Waid
Release Date: October 2016

As the Marvel Universe stands divided from the events of Civil War II Marvel's young guns take the reigns and protect the world their way. On paper, this new team is definitely not a young Avengers 2.0 as the roster is comprised of established young heroes like Mile Morales, Ms. Marvel, Nova and Amadeus Cho's Totally Awesome Hulk just to name a few.

My Take: While I am happy to see Miles Morales and Ms. Marvel continuing to be showcased across the Marvel Universe I feel that another team book is not necessarily what the doctor ordered. Marvel is going out of their way to not make this a young Avengers book and while it's admirable what I am seeing is something similar to the New Warriors which were comprised of young heroes including Nova. I'm willing to give it a shot as I like Ramos art style but the stories need to be solid to ensure the book gains traction. I am curious as to why Cyclops is so prevalent on the cover if Marvel does not list him as part of the team. Anyone have any insight they can share on that?

Show Press Release

Change the World. Meet Marvel’s CHAMPIONS!

New York, NY—July 5th, 2016 — The Marvel Universe is fractured. Heroes, who once stood together, now position themselves in opposition to one another. Idols of the Marvel Universe who once endured in the light are now shrouded within shades of gray, and the heroes of tomorrow are fed up! It’s time for a change. It’s time for a brighter tomorrow. Enter…the CHAMPIONS! They’re coming to you in Marvel’s CHAMPIONS #1 – a brand-new ongoing series launching this October as the flagship title of Marvel NOW!

Eisner Award winning writer Mark Waid and Eisner Award-nominated artist Humberto Ramos join forces to bring you a brand new super team for a new era. A teen team supreme that refuses to adhere to the antiquated ways of old. It’s time to be heroes again, and Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales, Nova, Viv Vision and the Totally Awesome Hulk are striking out on their own to make a new future. Not Avengers. Not Defenders. Champions!

“To their mind – the reputation of superheroes has taken a very public beating and they’re very intent on proving to the world that superheroes still have value and still have relevance,” says series writer Mark Waid, in an interview with Marvel.com.

It doesn’t take a Tony Stark or a Captain America to make a difference. All it takes is six young heroes and you can change the world – and they’re only the beginning! It all starts this October as Waid & Ramos bring you Marvel’s CHAMPIONS #1– coming to comic shops and digital devices everywhere!