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King of Fighters XIV Presents: TEAM PSYCHO SOLDIER

King of Fighters XIV is less than a month away from release! We are down to our last few teams and SNK decided to turn up the power today. That being the psycho po-oh, we can't call it that? Someone else already has a copyright on it? Well that sucks!

Team Psycho Soldier is here and they are as dazzling as they are dangerous. The students of Chin Gentsai may be young, but they are serious martial artists. First is Athena Asamiya, a world-renown pop star. As much as she loves fun, she puts her all into her performances, her fighting and her studies. This high school beauty is a no-nonsense kung-fu practitioner that adds in her psychic abilities for devastating effect.

Literally following Athena, we have Sie Kensou. He is in love with Athena and hopes that his kung-fu is impressive enough to catch her eye. He is a bit of a goofy teen and his love of dragons makes him wear clothes from a bygone era. . . Even so, he is not one to be underestimated!

Chin has mastered both his drunken boxing technique and holding his sake! Liquor is so thoroughly incorporated into his style that there is a counter of how much he has left on his super meter! If you let yourself get drawn in by his drunken dance, you are sure to pay for it. He may not be able to rap like Dylan but Chin wrote the book when it comes to spitting hot fire!

Play these characters and more when King of Fighters XIV come exclusively to PlayStation 4 on Tuesday, August 23, 2016!

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