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King of Fighters XIV Presents: TEAM VILLAINS

King of Fighters XIV sees the reprisal of criminal activity from veteran brawlers Chang and Choi. Back to their old ways, they will smash and slash everyone in their way. Hold on a moment; the teams are supposed to consist of three fighters. Rounding out Team Villains is a new character known as Xanadu. Adjectives like “insane” are not strong enough to describe a guy who beats the crap out of you and then cradles you like a baby before snapping your spine. This is the guy leading the team! The other teams had better have their skills on point because these guys delight at the idea of hurting people. This August, you will be able to select them and take pleasure in embarrassing your opponents in house or online! Don't miss King of Fighters XIV when it launches for PS4 on August 23, 2016!

He's bonkers, folks
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