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Learn About the Story and Features of Extinction

What is Extinction?

The teams at Iron Galaxy and Modus Games want Extinction to stand out as much as possible. This game will be different from other titanic titles. You task is saving Dolorum from the monstrous Ravenii. They come in all shapes and sizes ranging from human to kaiju in scale. This April, Extinction looks to put its mark on your console or PC; read on to find out how.

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Story and Features

The world of Extinction has always been at war with itself. A giant portal opens in the land of Dolorum and massive threats thought to be children’s fairy tales suddenly appear. Avil is the hero of the story and a trainee of the ancient Sentinel order. They are dedicated to preserving the knowledge of the monstrous threats called Ravenii – and the techniques to eliminate them. Unfortunately, the Sentinel order has degraded over the years and Avil is now the last hope for humanity.

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Skill-Based Combat

Known for their work on fighting games, Iron Galaxy has applied their expertise to the action-adventure genre. Avil has a wide variety of skills and attacks he can execute on the horde of minions trailing in the wake of each Ravenii. Players can cancel into almost any attack they want at any time, switching seamlessly between single strikes, sweeping area of effect (AOE) attacks, knocking enemies into the sky for an aerial combo, and more.

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Defending Dolorum

Avil’s key to permanently eliminating the Ravenii is the Rune Strike. This wicked attack can be used to dismember the massive ogres, and can be further powered up by saving people, killing Jackals, destroying Ravenii armor, dismembering the Ravenii themselves, and accomplishing objectives within each mission. One fell swoop is all Avil needs to stop a Ravenii, but these giant beasts won’t make it easy.

Extinction - Rune Strike

Gameplay and Strategy

All of the options Avil has when traveling through the city, he can also use on Ravenii, such as running vertically up a surface or using his whip to grapple to new heights. There are many types of Ravenii, each with their own attacks, armor and weapon combinations, and behaviors. Avil will need to overcome the challenge of climbing up the massive monsters, removing their armor, avoiding spikes and other obstacles that might hurt him, while also dodging the giant’s attacks long enough to perform a devastating Rune Strike and decapitate the Ravenii. Prioritizing competing objectives with the threat of civilians dying and towns being destroyed is what will truly test the skills of the player.

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