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Let’s Play Catch-Up: The Veronica Mars Movie

T-minus 13 days marshmallows!

That's right, just about 2 weeks until we all get what we have clamored, obsessed, maybe even cried over for the past million years. Our beloved Veronica Mars is set to come back into our lives with a bang on March 14th. What makes it better is that on that day, we will either be in the selected theatres that it will be shown in, or we will be at home with our digital downloads that were part of our Kickstarter rewards for the campaign – the first joint release of it's kind ever. Pretty cool, huh? Rob Thomas takes care of his fans, that's for sure.

We, of course, remember every last detail of the show that captured our hearts and souls, but maybe there are some of you who haven't known Veronica, Logan, Wallace, Mac, Dick, Weevil and Keith like we all did. Maybe, people will be seeing this movie just to see what the hell all the hype is about.

With that said,  series mastermind Thomas has given us the first two minutes of the upcoming movie, which will give those non-marshmallow, LoVe-loving fans a little back story to chew on. Two minutes to sum up three seasons of epic before the story picks up where it let off. So, take a look fans new and old, behold the first bites of our Kickstarted golden child: