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New Titles from Marvel NOW! Head to Second Printing

The Marvel NOW! titles that have been released these last few months have been delivering kick ass stories coupled with great artwork.  Here is a sneak peek at the second printing covers from some of Marvel NOW's most popular books.

Everyone Loves All-New Marvel NOW! More Titles Return to Press!

February 27th, 2014, NEW YORK, NY— Critics and fans have spoken yet again, and some of the boldest new titles of All-New Marvel NOW! are returning to press for a second printing! Marvel Comics is proud to announce that SHE-HULK #1,THE PUNISHER #1THE PUNISHER #2ALL-NEW INVADERS #2, and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL #3 have all sold out at the distributor level and will all immediately return to press!

NOW is your chance to jump on board some of these critically acclaimed titles!

“She-Hulk is stunning. Beauifully written, wonderfully drawn, this is a comic you should be reading; It’s just that good”
– IGN, on SHE-HULK #1

“The Punisher is off to an amazing start and has the potential to be one of the best comic books on the rack.”
– Comicosity, on THE PUNISHER #1

“[All-New Invaders] is using just the right amount of nostalgia to fuel something new and exciting that has payoffs for old and new fans alike.”
– ScienceFiction.com, on ALL-NEW INVADERS #2

“Bunn’s managed to juggle a story that’s funny, gruesome, and surprisingly emotional. Throw in Rosanas’ brilliant artwork and you’ve got a fantastic limited series.”

These red-hot books join over thirty titles from the massively popular All-New Marvel NOW! initiative to return for second printings! Now is your chance to jump on board with the hottest new series of 2014 when these titles explode back into comic shops! No fan should miss out on the year’s grandest storytelling event! The future of comics is here – don’t miss out when SHE-HULK #1THE PUNISHER #1THE PUNISHER #2ALL-NEW INVADERS #2, and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL #3 all return to press this April!


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